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Pay Zero For College

You can learn how to pay zero for college.

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Protecting Families From the $300,000 Mistake

of Paying for College the Wrong Way

About Us

Pay Zero For College is a company in Southfield, Michigan, and serves families throughout the United States. After 33 years of financial strategy experience, interviewing well over 3,000 families, and being mentored by some of the smartest people in college admissions and finance, we have developed an 8 module system called Pay Zero for College.  Each module is a pre and post-solution-based problem-solving process which was developed from the combination of listening to the thousands of parents who have confided in us sharing their stories and the mistakes they have made and the crises it leads to.  Our team then took these problems and sought Master Level Experts who assisted with developing our systems which are yet evolving and adjusting to today's changing economic climate. Since 2006, we have been supporting families by teaching them how to pay zero for college. Our professionals are committed to fulfilling the needs of a variety of clients, including:

  • Grandparents who want to help their grandchildren at all ages
  • Parents looking for wise informed methods of funding education from private secondary school through advanced levels  of college
  • Parents of currently enrolled college students
  • Parents who are saving for college
  • Parents who are paying for college loans after their children have graduated

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